For my mother,  1943 – 2015

and for all those who have suffered and who are suffering as the result of nuclear weapons, nuclear power and other uses of radioactive materials

’20 millisieverts per year’ would not have been possible without the help and support of, and inspiration from, a great many people who include:

Mark and Jasmine

Elisabeth Funnell

Dr Ian Fairlie

Marina Waltz


The organisers and participants of the 2016 Green Cross study tour of Fukushima, including:

Nathalie Gysi, Sabrina Maeder, Tania Schellenberg, et al at Green Cross Switzerland

Tom, Ryuji Kuwahara, et al at Green Cross Japan

Those in Fukushima who shared their stories with courage and generosity, including:

Mrs Noguchi, Mrs Endo, and the other members of 3a! Koriyama, the Koriyama-based mothers group, supported by Green Cross to provide, inter alia, uncontaminated food, water, medical, psychological and emotional support, radiation monitoring and respite holidays to families living in Koriyama which was heavily contaminated by Fukushima Daiichi

Iwaki City Councillor Mr Sato

Mrs Aoki and the other women of the Koriyama Storytelling Group

Mrs Nishihara of Tomioka, living in long-term evacuation in Iwaki

Mrs Takahara, owner of the home community cafe in Naraha


My friends and hosts for ’20 millisieverts per year’ in Taunton, Somerset, including:

Sue Aubrey, Allan Jeffery, Jo Smolden, Val, Chinks and the other members of Stop Hinkley who hosted the exhibition at CiCCiC Taunton

Richard Holt and Mark Bond and the rest of the team at the Creative Innovation Centre CiC Taunton


My friends and hosts for Fukushima→Cyrmru’ in Anglesey, Wales, including:

Dr Carl Clowes and Dorothi Clowes and PAWB (People Against Wylfa B), who hosted Fukushima→Cymru at The Pritchard Jones Institute in Anglesey

Cian Ciarán and Meilyr Tomos who created the special soundscape for Fukushima→Cymru

ffloc, who made the video to go with Cian and Meilyr’s soundscape to create an audiovisual work which was screened at the exhibition throughout August 2017

Dylan Morgan and Rob Davies who translated the exhibition captions, explanatory text and press release into Welsh

John Plumpton

David Hunt

Mrs Morwenna Owen and Dr David Owens at the Pritchard Jones Institute


My friends at Conway Hall, London HQ of the Ethical Society:

Jim Walsh and Martha Lee at Conway Hall, who supported the project right from the beginning, with the further support of Sid Rodrigues, Deborah Bowden, Brian, Carina, Eva, Rogiero, Tony, et al at Conway Hall


My friends in London, including:

Rik Garfit-Mottram

Marina Waltz

Shigeo Kobayashi

Reverend Gyoro Nagase

David Polden

Nobu Field

Kaori Mikata-Pralat, who provided translations from Japanese into English

Ann Garrett

Keiko Kato-Warburg


Kaori Homma


Film directors who’s work directly influenced the project, including:

Hiroyuki Kawai, lawyer and director of ‘Nuclear Japan,’ the in-depth documentary about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

Hitomi Kamanaka, director of ‘Little Voices From Fukushima,’ the documentary linking Fukushima with Chernobyl through mothers and their children

Lucas Rue and Chiho Sato, directors of ‘Fukushima: The Silent Voices,‘ the documentary providing an intimate portrait of an extended family living in Fukushima post 3.11

Hayao Miyazake, director of Studio Ghibli’s ‘The Wind Rises’ which has so many parallels to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster and which addresses the importance of considering the consequences of one’s actions and the importance of taking personal responsibility


My friends and inspirations in Japan, including:

Yoko ChaseAkiko Morimatsu, and the other members of Thanks & Dream, the Osaka-based group started by mothers who evacuated with their children from Fukushima on a voluntary basis:

Azby Brown

Mother’s Radiation Lab Fukushima (Tarachine):

The Matsumoto Project:

Emi, Nagi and Mibu


My friends and inspirations in the UK, including:

Dr Kate Hudson

Paul Dorfman

Pete Roche

Sean Morris

Dr David Lowry

Dr John Downer

Marianne Birkby


My friends and inspirations overseas/online, including:

Professor Jonathan Samet

Gordon Edwards and Paula Gutlove

Professor Timothy Mousseau

Arnie Gundersen

Mary Olson

Bo Jacobs

Professor Norma Field

John Bertucci 

Professor Aya Hirata Kimura

Dr Alex Rosen

Hervé Courtois

Libbe HaLevy

Reinhard Uhrig


Organisations, including;

Greenpeace Japan

PAWB (People Against Wylfa B)

JAN UK (Japanese Against Nuclear)

Kick Nuclear London

CND (Campaign Against Nuclear Disarmament)

NFLA (Nuclear Free Local Authorities)

Stop Hinkley

Chernobyl Children’s Project UK

Global 2000

Sortir du Nucléaire


with generous support from:

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