Another anniversary: sure but the Fukushima nuclear disaster is still ongoing everyday of the year

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


March 11, 2019

Every year since year 2011, at this time of the year for the anniversary of Fukushima I feel angry, tired and depressed

First for the unwillingness to learn and to change. How many nuclear disasters have already happened and how many more will happen for people to learn and bring vital changes.

Also because when a disaster happens it is a hot news, everybody gets excited, thrilled by the sensational, some even exploiting it turning it into sellable fear porn. Then with time passing by, when it is not a hot new news but a cold old news, people forget about it. They only remember it when an anniversary comes. But for the people on location, in Fukushima, everyday is a Fukushima anniversary.

An American antinuclear friend of mine recently talking about the coming Fukushima anniversary even employed the word “occured” about the Fukushima nuclear disaster, “occured”…

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