Shout it from the Rooftops – Kill Nuclear Power Before it Kills Us.


Shout it from the Rooftops – Kill Nuclear Power Before it Kills Us. – this is a message you are not likely to hear from mainstream NGOs or from the mainstream media – even as they report on the collapse of the business world’s  financial support for new nuclear the message is never clear that nuclear power is a weapon, a killer, a mass murderer.

From the New York Times…

By Stanley Reed

“Hitachi said on Thursday that it was suspending work on a 15 billion pound, or $19.3 billion, nuclear power project in North Wales after failing to agree on financial terms with the British and Japanese governments.

“The decision was made from the viewpoint of Hitachi’s economic rationality as a private enterprise,” the company, based in Japan, said.

Ben Russell, a spokesman for Hitachi’s British venture, Horizon Nuclear Power, said that discussions with the governments would continue but…

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