Akiko Morimatsu: Reality of Fukushima

via: Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World: http://www.mp-nuclear-free.com/Home.html

“7 Years After the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster”

“The hardest thing is being exposed to low-level radiation. It does not cause any immediate symptoms. It has no colour and no odour. It does not cause pain; you do not feel hot or itchy. If you could feel the effects of nuclear exposure, it would be lethal. [ie You would only feel an immediate effect if it were a lethal dose of radiation]. In Fukushima, when you are facing a low-level radiation exposure none of the five senses can detect it. Therefore it’s possible to get the impression that you are not affected by radioactivity while there.” Akiko Morimatsu, February 2018

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